• QWhen your item is missing.

      Follow the processes below in order to receive your missing item.

      A video recorded before unboxing the package is required. Please note that missing items cannot be re-dispatched until you submit the video.

      1. Before you remove tape from the packaging, please record the front, back, and sides of the packaging.

      2. The unboxing video must include all components of products you order so as to show which component is missing.

      Reshipping the missing item/component may be denied when there is any trace of unboxing on the video.

      Please carefully read the cautions offered through the QR code on the packaging sticker.

    • QCOVID-19

      Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the countries to which we deliver change constantly.

      For more information, please send us a private inquiry.

    • QCustomer Service Hours

      Customer Service Hours: Weekdays 9:00AM-6:00PM (KST)

      Email: cs_en@thejypshop.com

    • QHow do I close my account?

      The function for an closing account is not supported on our mobile website.

      To close your account, sign in on a computer, then go to My Account > Edit My Profile > Close Account.

    • QI want to stop receiving notifications about promotions.

      [Change subscription to marketing information]

      You can change your subscription to marketing information via email or text message at Edit My Profile.

    • QI can't remember my password.

      When signing in, please enter the requested information through Forgot Password.

    • QCan I register as a member with multiple usernames?

      We recommend using one username per person.

      Even if multiple usernames are used, benefits may be limited if the user's information is the same.

    • QHow can I edit my profile?

      You can edit your profile by going to My Account → My Profile → Edit My Profile.

    • QHow can I register as a member?

      Click the 'Sign Up' button at the top of the page to register as a member of JYP SHOP.

    • QWhat are the benefits of registering as a member?

      JYP SHOP reward points are exclusive online points that are only granted to JYP SHOP members and can only be used on JYP SHOP.

      0.5% of the payment amount (excluding coupons and points) will be issued 7 days after delivery.

    • QWhen are reward points issued?

      Reward points are issued 7 days after delivery.

    • QHow will I be refunded if I paid using reward points?

      Your reward points will be restored first, then the amount paid excluding the amount of reward points will be refunded.

    • QCan I transfer my reward points when I close my account?

      Please understand that your reward points cannot be transferred once you close your account.

    • QWhat is the minimum purchase amount for using reward points?

      According to the currency set by JYP SHOP, reward points can be used starting from the amounts listed below.

      1. KRW: Usable from KRW 1,000

      2. JPY: Usable from 100 JPY

      3. USD: Usable from USD 1

    • QWhen do reward points expire?

      Reward points will automatically expire one year after being issued.